Our Services

Individual Tax Preparation; handle variety of tax situations, including but not limited to:

    • US Resident Tax Returns (1040, 1040-A, 1040EZ)

    • US Expatriate Taxes for Americans Living Abroad

    • US Tax Return (1040NR) for Non-Residents on work or student visa, ITIN Application

    • Tax filing consequent to GreenCard Abandonment

    • Taxes of sole proprietors and self employed professionals, within and outside US

    • Income from Rental property located within or outside US

    • Equity compensation (ESPPs, RSUs, Stock Options) from a US employer or foreign employer

    • Partnership/S Corp income (Sch K-1s)

    • Sale of stock, principal residence and rental property whether US or non-US

    • E-Filing of FBARs for foreign bank accounts (E-filing of FBAR has become mandatory w.e.f. July, 2013)

    • Amendment of previously filed returns

    • Multiple State returns

Small Business Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping

    • Single Member LLCs and

    • S Corporations

Tax Planning

In addition to the preparation of tax returns, we emphasize tax planning to minimize current and future tax burdens.

Tax Representation

Got a notice or letter from IRS or state tax authorities? We can represent you before IRS and state tax authorities to resolve tax issues. Our representation has helped many clients get their money refunded by IRS and state tax authorities due to inaccurate liens, levies and incorrect processing of their tax returns due to non-availability of information. Please contact us to set up a consultation.